In A Sky Full of Stars

It’s Saturday morning, and I am sitting on a hard wooden bench, watching my son’s swim lesson.

I’m a bit uncomfortable.

The seat numbs; the bench is backless. I sit with my macbook on my lap, trying to concentrate as I hear a plethora of Estonian and Russian words, flowing in out and out of my consciousness.

But, I came determined to write something in the one free hour this weekend affords me.

I sit here, wave at Oliver through the glass as he completes a lap.

I’m trying to think back on my week- what inspirational things did I observe or experience?

After such an eventful weekend (with the start of Focus Church), I actually felt pretty tired and a bit too emotional to write any thing normal.

But, yesterday, as I was walking home through one of Tallinn’s parks, Coldplay’s “Sky Full of Stars” played through my earbuds.

The song spoke to me in a new way.

And, as I sat on that bench amidst all of the other parents spending their Saturday morning at a swimming pool, one line came to me….and this poem emerged.

When shadows are long,

At the end of the day.

When barely a song,

From lips can escape.

When tears puddle deep,

And muddle one’s sight.

Toss and turn sleep,

Wake at dawn’s light.

When one minute’s joy,

Turns into doubt.

Try to employ

A strength when without.

When trying to serve

All but yourself;

Straighten the curve

That leads one to tell

Of sorrow and loss,

Of hope unsustained,

Of crossroads uncrossed,

Of silent disdain.

I look to the hills,

From where comes my help.

My heartbeat it stills,

My lips tremble; tell

I’m not strong enough

To run this race well.

I’m not good enough

To silence and quell

The doubt in my soul,

The fear in my bones.

Dark takes its toll,

I question alone.

You speak to me now,

Quiet but sure.

You tell of a pow’r

Destined and pure.

“In a sky full of stars;

Of brightness alight.

I chose your beams

To break through the night.

In a sky full of stars,

Each one in its place.

I chose your light

To softly embrace.

In a sky full of stars,

Burning for years.

I chose your side,

To dry all your tears.

In a sky full of stars,

Each one has its place,

But You, my bright one,

Illuminate grace.

Yes, years will come,

And tarnish your beams

Hurt will devour;

Dissipate dreams.

Your core remains strong,

Designed to remain

A light in the wrong;

A shelter in rain.

I carry you through,

I whisper my love.

Your hope I renew,

We shine far above

The road underneath

With its pits and despair

Created for more,

Your home is not there!

Shine in the pain.

Shine in the sun!

Shine your strong rays

On everyone.

When darkness comes,

Shine even brighter!

Not by yourself;

My love is your fire.

And watch other stars

Learn from your beams

To blaze from afar

Amidst their own dreams.

In storms that will come

To vanquish their light,

They, too, stand strong-

A beautiful sight.

Keep shining, my suns,

And never forget.

In a sky full of stars,

Your beauty’s unmet.

In a sky full of stars,

Each one has its place,

But You, my bright one,

Illuminate grace.


To all you stars out there, keep shining and illuminating grace.

Now, after a morning spent in melancholy poetic land, I'm off to find some dance music to lighten my mood.  Even stars gotta dance sometimes....Take a moment to enjoy life this Saturday.