Balcony People

My grandma Grace was a fiery redhead, and the principal of a unique high school for pregnant teenage mothers. We could not walk through a grocery store in Niagara Falls without someone stopping us. There were always moms who would update us on their children and successes; profusely thanking my grandmother for giving them a second chance.

My wonderful grandmother passed away three years ago. I still miss her and know I lost a true personal cheerleader. On her obituary, wonderful things were written, but one woman’s words summed up my grandmother.

"There are some people in the 'balconies' of our lives who cheer us on, energizing us by their warm affirmations.

They are tank refillers. They fill our hearts’ empty reservoirs with words that offer comfort, peace, love, and care. Everyone needs a balcony person at one time or another, one who will come alongside of us to lend an ear for listening, a shoulder for crying, a boost when down, or a clap when lacking courage.

Do you have a balcony person in your life? One who cheers you on, who lifts you up when you are down?

I did. Her name was Grace Crowell."

I am tired of being someone who feels a tinge of jealousy in the shadow of someone’s beauty or giftedness. Let’s be balcony people – cheering someone on with a proud smile and ignite them with our words of heart-felt encouragement.

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.” – Proverbs 18:21