To Blog or Not To Blog

Blogging. I've thought about starting a blog for over a year now. In my list-making head, I've often made a mental list of the pros and cons.
  • May be narcissisitic to think that other people would really want to hear my thoughts and about my life.
  • I don't talk much in real life - how will I ever find enough thoughts, ideas or WORDS to keep a blog going?
  • Help me create a discipline of writing - something I've always wanted to do since my 4th grade teacher told me I had "writing talent."
  • Perhaps my stories and pursuit of balance could inspire others to join me on the journey
  • Not too many families get to live and serve overseas. I'd love to share the rich experiences I have with others and document them for myself and kids.
  • I can share the story of what God is doing around the world
So, the pros outweighed the cons, and here I am. Today is my last day of summer vacation before diving in to a few non-stop months of work. Today was the day to start blogging. As I was driving home from the gym, I set a mandate for myself: CHANGE.

My husband tells me it is nearly impossible to change after turning 30 years old. Well folks, I am soon-to-be 32 years old, and I have determined that I will not continue to live my life with the same "wish list" of things I would love to change and do. I'm still young enough to make a change and live life differently. So, follow me on my attempt to prove science wrong: change is possible after 30! And, this first blog post is my first attempt, or rather my statement to the world, that this "road less traveled" has begun - not only when I boarded a plane to come live in Armenia seven years ago, but also today! I hope that some of you will join me on this road and become everything you were meant and designed to be.

Get your running shoes on, put your hair up in a ponytail, get ready to work and determine like steel in your soul to follow the delicate road of balance, family, and following your dreams.